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Beauty From The Inside Out

Modern diets are full of animal proteins, processed foods, fats, sugar, stress, constant pressure and a lack of exercise.  The colon becomes the receptacle for accumulated waste and toxins which disable the body’s purification system.  Colon Hydrotherapy is a gentle process of putting water in the colon for the purpose of softening and eliminating waste.  It is a safe process for colon cleansing and is an accepted prep for colonoscopy.


How does it work?

Colon Hydrotherapy involves the safe, gentle infusion of water into the colon via the rectum.  No chemicals or drugs are involved and the entire therapy is both relaxing and effective.  A   


Is it safe?

Colon Hydrotherapy is very safe when performed by a qualified technician.  We use only FDA approved devices for the cleanse and all equipment used is sterilized or disposable.  The water goes through an advanced filtration process prior to entering the colon.  Our therapists are I-ACT Certified (International Association of Colon Hydrotherapy) and meet the highest professional and ethical standards.  You are in safe hands.

How many treatments do I need?

Although a client may experience relief after one session, to sufficiently cleanse the colon, additional sessions are necessary.  In our experience, we have found that a course of 3 treatments over a 3-week timeframe produces the best results.  Thereafter a proper diet, exercise, and regular maintenance are suggested.



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