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Who We Are:

Healing Season is a wellness center in Woodbridge, VA.  Helping people experience healthy longevity through alternative therapies and behavioral changes is the sole mission of Healing Season.  Statistics show that people have longer life expectancy but are living more years with illness and disability.  Healing Season understands the importance of being healthy and whole.  Based on client’s self-reports, we have found that together, these two modalities produce favorable, long-term results.

Who We Serve:

Healing Season serves health conscious men and women who not only want to live longer but want to enjoy that life; healthy and free from illness and disability.

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Compression Recovery

When looking for a way to meet the needs of our clients, Healing Season searched for and chose the very best.  NormaTec is the leader in rapid recovery, allowing a competitive edge to athletes, coaches and trainers of all levels. 


Modern diets are full of animal proteins, processed foods, fats, sugar, stress, constant pressure and a lack of exercise.  The colon becomes the receptacle for accumulated waste and toxins which disable the body’s purification system.  Colon Hydrotherapy helps to remove waste and toxins. 


Clients are always looking for a solution to target that annoying “problem area”.  We have them covered.  We would like to introduce the “answer” to their problem with our machine called Cryoskin here at Healing Season, that provides non-invasive sessions for slimming and toning

What We Do:

Healing Season has married together alternative health therapies and behavioral modification to assist our clients in making positive, long-term changes that helps them experience healthy longevity.  

Our Commitment:

  • Helping clients make internal and external changes

  • Focusing on the 5 key areas of life necessary for total wellness

  • Providing experienced wellness coaching and components of behavioral modification

  • Helping clients move past dieting to making positive, long-term changes


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Customer Reviews


Wonderful staff and Lisa knows her stuff!! She has plenty of information and willing to teach. My first hydrotherapy ever was done here and it was a great experience. I plan on coming back!


I am grateful to have found this place. The staff was knowledgeable about the procedure. I know the health benefits of keeping the digestive track regular. I have a lot of gastrointestinal issues and getting rid of toxins from my body was what I needed the most. Go try it out! You will not regret it.

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It's a nice place! Lisa is very thorough and makes sure you are extremely comfortable with everything before you get started. The office is very relaxing. I would not mind waiting there ever!



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